Principal Investigator


Melissa Baese-Berk, PhD
Melissa is an Associate Professor in the Linguistics Department at the University of Oregon. Her broad research interests include speech perception, speech production, second language acquisition. She is currently working on a number of projects examining the relationship between speech perception and production, the role of variability in perception and production of non-native speech, and how expectations in perception shift when listening to non-native speech.

Graduate Students


Dae-yong Lee
Dae-yong is a PhD student interested in L2 acquisition, the relationship between perception and production, and prosody in L2 speech production and perception.


Misaki Kato
Misaki is a PhD student interested in Second Language Acquisition, speech production and perception, foreign accentedness, orthography, and L2 pedagogy.


Paul Olejarczuk
Paul’s interests include top-down processing in perception, and the interaction of prior experience, bias and distributional cues in category learning. He mainly works on phonotactics and prosody.


Amos Teo
Amos is a PhD student whose research interests include the production and perception of linguistic tone, especially in Tibeto-Burman languages of South Asia. He is also interested in prosodic typology and has done descriptive work on a number of languages spoken in Nagaland and Nepal. You can find Amos on on his blog: or 


Jonathan Wright
Jonathan is a PhD student who studies the variables that affect the perception and production of prosodic features, such as tone, when someone is learning a second language as an adult.

Undergraduate Students


Alyssa Brown
Alyssa is a psychology major who currently is interested in developmental psychology, and plans to become a psychiatrist. Alyssa was born and raised in Texas and can’t wait to go back.


Cydnie Davenport
Cydnie is a double major in Linguistics and Russian, East European, & Eurasian Studies. She loves learning about Russian language and culture and discovering the complex science of language as a whole. She is interested in phonetics, historical linguistics, and bilingualism. Her life goal is to be fluent in at least six foreign languages.

Jack Fleming Bio Picture.jpg

Jack Flemming
Jack is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Linguistics. He has become particularly interested in language acquisition since having studied at Uppsala University in Sweden for a year.


Zachary Houghton
Zach is a sophomore undergraduate linguistics major. He has always been really interested in languages and how they affect the world.


Joanna Kraski
Joanna is a final-year linguistics major with a particular interest in East Asian languages. She hopes to learn more languages and travel the world some before coming back to stay in Oregon.


Alyssa Moore
Alyssa is an undergraduate majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Arabic Studies. She is interested in studying the many dialects of spoken Arabic and working with understudied languages.


Zac Post
Zac is a double major in Linguistics and Music.  He is new to the world of Linguistics but is interested in Phonetics, Bilingualism, and Second-Language Acquisition. 


Karlie Scott
Karlie is a Linguistics Major and Native American Studies Minor. Her interests include Native languages, her own Tolowa Dee-ni’, and the languages of Oregon.


Jennie Shen
Jennie is a senior undergraduate student in the Clark Honors College double majoring in Psychology and Communication Disorders & Sciences. She is interested in early language acquisition among bilingual children and aspires to become a speech language pathologist. Jennie is also interested in cultural psychology and the role the environment plays in shaping human development and behavior.

Tillie 9.jpeg

Tillena (Tillie) Trebon
Tillie is an undergraduate with interest in Spanish, American Sign Language, Linguistics, and Biology.


Kayla Walker
Kayla is a freshman and currently undeclared, but she enjoys Linguistics and is hoping to pursue it further.


Aubrey Whitty
Aubrey is an undergraduate student majoring in Linguistics. She is interested in second language acquisition and speech perception/production.

Alumni (Undergraduate)

  • Lily Huston
  • Drew McLaughlin - currently a PhD student in Psychological and Brain Sciences at Washington University in St Louis
  • Anna Robinson