The SPPLab is housed in the Spoken Language Research Laboratories, a state-of-the-art laboratory facility located on the University of Oregon campus. We share this lab space with the Usage-Based Language Laboratory (PI: Volya Kapatsinski), the Speech and Language Laboratory (PI: Lisa Redford), the Language Variation and Change Laboratory (PI: Tyler Kendall), and Kaori Idemaru's laboratory. 

The labs include the following facilities and equipment:

  • Two sound booths with multiple recording set ups.
  • Eleven sound-attenuated running rooms equipped for perception and production experiments. Each room includes both Mac and Windows operating systems, headphones, and optional recording set ups. 
  • One running room includes an eye-tracker to investigate online language processing.
  • One pair of running rooms includes a window to allow for conversational experimental paradigms.
  • Two additional child-friendly rooms for experiments investigating language development.
  • One additional room for experiments investigating naturalistic conversation.
  • Work rooms and collaboration rooms for students and postdoctoral researchers.